Tam Burke

Owner | Teacher | Bailey and Rocket's Mom

Tamara began yoga in 2011 as cross training to distance running. She quickly fell in love with feeling more connected to herself through breath and movement. She surprised herself when she found herself craving the mental clarity more than the physical practice that yoga provided.

Tamara completed her 200 hour Vinyasa training in May 2016 through Charlotte Yoga. In February 2017, Tamara traveled to India and completed a month long intensive 300 hour Vinyasa training. Her time in India was wildly transforming and has called her to bring a more grounding and inspiring energy into her classes allowing her students to connect deeper to themselves and their own light.

Tamara is an E-RYT500 and has completed over 1000 training hours in various yogic studies

Matt Gasmovic

Owner | Teacher I Bailey & Rocket's Dad

With a background in business and over 7 years of experience in
corporate software sales, Matt recently crossed over into the dark side when he and Tam took over the studio in 2018 🙂

Matt now has 100 hours of training in Hot & Rocket Vinyasa yoga, and has completed 100 hours of training in Sedona, Arizona studying breathwork and other healing modalities with Anahata Ananda. While Matt has plans to teach yoga asana soon, he now leads a weekly breathwork and meditation class, as well as leading and facilitating shamanic breath ceremonies.

Matt also has a deep passion for the arts, which has lead him to the development of the creative side of SOL 19. This includes SOL’s
yearly art contest, facilitating art commissions through the studio, as well as hosting a weekly community art hour for local artists.

Matt is now offering one on one guided breath journeys and healing sessions. Please email Matt directly at matt@sol19yoga.com
if you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a

Bailey & Rocket

Studio Dogs

Don’t be surprised to see our favorite furry friends lounging around the studio or giving you licks when you walk in the door. Bailey came into our lives seven years ago and what a blessing she has been. We have learned countless lessons from her and love her like a child. 

Rocket is the newest addition to our SOL Squad and she is aptly named after Rocket Vinyasa, she is as spicy as can be, and in the next moment cuddling like a queen.  She has been a bright light of love during what felt like a very challenging time in the 2020 pandemic. 

BEWARE: Fierce Cuddler on the Premises…

But seriously, if you are not a dog person, just let us know and we will be courteous.

Taylor Johnson

Lead Teacher & Manager

Taylor is an E-RYT 500 who specializes in Power Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Acro Yoga, and numerous other yoga and fitness styles. Her goal has always been to strengthen, empower, and uplift those she teaches. To her, movement and fitness are so much more than just physically working and exerting your body. It is all about honing into your intuition, self-expression, self-love, and self-empowerment. It is through this belief that she helps guide her students to feel like their truest, most badass, and authentic version of themselves. When taking class with Taylor, expect to be challenged to tap into uncharted territory of your mind and body, leading to the fullest expression of your potential.

Taylor has a deep dedication to self study through the yogic arts and has completed over 1000 training hours in various yogic studies. 

Kevin Flynn


Kevin views yoga as an experimental process that ultimately provides tools for the practitioner to uncover the higher Self. He draws inspiration from a range of yogic traditions to create an intentional alchemy behind each practice. By cultivating a balance of effort and ease, students are provided a nurturing yet encouraging environment to find self-growth. While Kevin’s goal is to hold sacred space for self-exploration, he urges students to find a sense of discipline and curiosity within their practice. Equipped with Yoga Teacher and Health Coach Certifications, he provides a well-rounded approach to living a healthy lifestyle off the mat. When he isn’t teaching, you can find him in the mountains.

Keri Wenzel


Over ten years ago, in hopes of finding a connection to my physical self & inner spirituality, I discovered a personal yoga asana & meditation practice. What came of it has been an astounding journey into the depths of my physical & mental well-being. It is my belief & experience that by practicing yoga and meditation, we can reach deeper into our Purusha, or Truest Self. During our practice, we learn to receive the space & clarity that naturally arises through the proper alignment of the physical & subtle body. From this, we can allow ourselves to feel & understand our most inherent state of being; peacefulness, contentment, bliss. It is my intention to guide others to find this on their mat, so that we all may act & serve from our truest & best selves in our everyday lives. I am a 500 hour certified yoga instructor. I studied under The talented and knowledgeable Tom Quinn, Quinn Kearny, Geri Bleier, and Claire Mark at Yoga view Chicago. My trainings have had a focus on human anatomy,proper alignment, safe adjustments & assists, as well as yoga philosophy& meditation. My classes are traditional vinyasa flow. During the years of trainings, and in becoming a mother myself, I have also developed a love of teaching prenatal yoga. My enjoyment of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, meditating, & love of music also positively influence my style of teaching. It is with gratitude that I serve others in the practice of yoga asana & meditation.

Jesse Seymour


Jesse has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade. However in the last 5 years he has deepened his commitment to daily practice and self inquiry in an effort to truly transform as well as emerge into a state of empowerment and kindness. Now, for Jesse Yoga is home. A sanctuary to feel an authentic connection to oneself, to nature, and to be free of the clutches of the restless mind. It is through this discovery that Jesse has chosen to share his love and passion for yoga with others. Under the tutelage of Gina Caputo (Colorado School of Yoga) Jesse received his 200 RYT and ultimately a great foundation with which to offer an integrated Asana practice.

A former surfer and drummer, Jesse brings a unique and inspiring approach to teaching Yoga. He offers a strong invigorating practice delicately balanced with effort and ease in the true spirit of Hatha Yoga. Jesse emphasizes alignment and grace as well as breath throughout his classes and uses creative sequencing to keep you present and focused. With humility and curiosity he remains devoted to refining his practice and experience so that he may bring the best possible offering to his students.

Dr. Matt Lyon

Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy Specialist
Local holistic Practioner

At SOL 19, Dr. Matt is a key part of our yoga teacher training program, leading coursework in yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Dr Matt Lyon is a patient-centered, holistic practice dedicated to total wellness for each and every person we treat. We know you are unique; our care is tailored to address your individual problem. By taking the time to get to know the real you, we can help you heal, grow and thrive.
With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Matt Lyon has treated thousands of patients at his former practice in NC. His love for one-on-one chiropractic experiences led him to move his practice to Longmont. Our concierge style clinic is the result of his desire to spend more time with each patient, get to the core of their issues, and help restore the natural healing abilities in their body.

Book a session with Dr. Matt at:

Maria Madera

Bhakti Manager

Maria has a background in project management which lends well to her role as our Bhakti Manager. Maria works hard to keep the studio clean and sanitized. Maria trains our bhakti yogis when they join the team.  

Sophie Meyer

Teacher & Manager

I’ve been a Colorado girl since I was four, my family and friends are my whole world along with my two dogs. I found my practice two years ago and I fell in love with the space and the people. I hope to use my practice to help me along in my new adventure of Nursing school.

Sophie completed her RYT 200 through SOL 19 and currently teaches HOT, Power 1, and Power 2.

Chelsea Mack


Chelsea is a lover of all things yoga, animals, food and music. Her yoga journey started in 2008 with a college course on meditation. Soon after, she fell in love with asana, developing her personal practice for a few years before completing a 200 hr YTT in 2012. She later completed a 50 hour Yoga Sculpt training at Sol 19 and loves sharing this unique, high energy practice that invites students to strengthen not only their bodies, but also their minds. She is passionate about sharing the physical, mental and spiritual practice with anyone who is open to it. Chelsea teaches charity based yoga classes along the Front Range, but is proud to call Sol 19 home! 

Amanda A. Meader


Hi! I’m Amanda Meader, a Yoga Alliance e-RYT 200; currently working on my 300 Hour Yoga Certification at the Colorado School of Yoga.

Employed as an IBM Project Manager with a passion for health and fitness led me to become a certified fitness instructor; that was almost 20 years ago; yet something was missing, I needed another outlet physically as well as mentally. After my introduction to Bikram Style Hot Yoga in 2004, I was hooked! Since then I have been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga.

I am inspired by the mental and physical challenges yoga provides, along with the spiritual and intellectual clarity possible through practice. With my newfound passion for Yoga, I wanted to take it deeper and share it with others; as a result, I completed my 200-hour teaching training in 2015.
With my health and fitness background, I believe it’s important to not only reveal and emphasize the proper form and alignment of a posture, but the mechanics behind it.

I strive to provide a class where my students feel challenged yet in control, so what they learn on their mat empowers them to take on anything they face off the mat!

I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes soon!

Erin Wilson


I know yoga to be deeply healing because of the profound impact it has had on me personally. Yoga found me in 2007 during my late teens, a tumultuous time in my life. As a lifelong gymnast and dancer having sustained career ending injuries – I found yoga to be not only therapeutic physically but also powerfully transformational inwardly. I aspire to share this same awareness and inner alchemy with students through alignment based asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath), mantra and yogic philosophy in classes accessible to all levels. In 2016, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia to become certified in Sivananda lineage Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, followed by advanced training in Universal and Forrest Yoga in 2018. I am also a certified Usui Holy Fire lineage Reiki Master and enjoy incorporating energetic aspects and hands on assists to help students deepen their practice. I am grateful to be a part of the community at Sol19 and look forward to meeting you on your mat.

Jenny Landis


My love of yoga stems from my background as a pharmacist and the awareness that many things we medicate people for could be alleviated with lifestyle changes. Yoga is the most amazing therapy for mind, body, and soul. I know of no other practice that helps achieve balance and supports the body’s natural defenses so effectively. Anyone can practice yoga, and yoga can challenge even the most elite athlete. My goal is to provide an environment where students deepen their life force breath and tap into their innate wisdom. Part of the blessing that is yoga is it’s simplicity. At times in the stillness of savasana we see ourselves in a new light – and that has the potential to change everything.

Anna Rosenstengel


Anna, a St. Louis area native, found yoga in high school and since then has been practicing nearly everyday. She initially came for the physical practice after growing up playing tennis and running. However, she quickly realized that yoga is so much more than the poses. Anna became hooked on the sense of mental clarity and serenity she felt after a yoga class. In 2018, Anna moved to Colorado to study Psychology at CU Boulder. She found her home away from home at SOL 19. In 2019, she graduated from SOL’s 200 Hour Training and currently plans to continue in the 300 Hour Program. Additionally, she has learned Rocket and Hot Yoga styles. Anna loves yoga for the mental clarity, healing, and physical strength it brings to her life. Her intention is to empower her students to live their yoga on and off the mat.

Brion Trivers


Brion has been practicing yoga and gymnastics for over 20 years and has coached competitive gymnasts as well as competed in both gymnastics & yoga competitions. His love of movement led him to explore dance, martial arts, Thai massage & most recently snowboarding which has become a welcome winter outdoors obsession for him His explorations & search for spiritual & physical health has also taken him all around the world, and in recent years led him to start a beverage business bottling & selling organic Ginger & Turmeric brew here in sunny Colorado—where he is happy helping others evolve in their own exploration of movement and health.

Arlene Miller


Arlene is a long-time student of Spiritual Alchemy with a daily yoga and meditation practice and a passion for Soul Readings using Tarot Oracle Cards, Holistic Healing Meditations, Energetic Healing Self Mastery Classes & Workshops, Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring.

Arlene is so grateful to be a part of the SOL 19 Yoga Community! 

She is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, an A-V Rated Attorney in Colorado, a Senior Tutor and Mentor with the Global Coaching Academy and recently completed an Australian Diploma in Transformational Holistic Counselling. 

She is passionate about working with sensitive, intuitive souls, like yourself, who are ready for change, looking for answers and seeking something new that resonates with them and can make a real difference.  

Arlene’s Sol 19 Holistic Healing Meditations are designed to leave you feeling higher, clearer, brighter and more able to handle whatever life presents.  She works with the Violet Flame, Energetic Hygiene & Psychic Protection, the Planetary and Cosmic Rays and more.

Rebecca Guidera


Rebecca (MA, E-RYT 200, YACEP) discovered yoga as a body-based meditative practice and fell in love with its healing properties and community-based connection. She is trained with her 40-hour Yin Yoga Certification and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Pod Boulder and her 15-hour Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga Certification from Amana Yoga. Rebecca also completed her Master’s degree from Naropa University in Clinical Mental Health with a focus in Somatic Psychology. Through her trainings, Rebecca utilizes her knowledge of somatic awareness to offer space for students to thrive in their embodied experience. Rebecca unties yoga as a bridge between one’s body and mind. She believes that cultivating compassion and wisdom through one’s body establishes greater understanding and nurturance of one’s mind. She also constantly engages in self-study with her yoga practice; her intention is to communicate about yoga from an intuitive lens to her students. Rebecca strives to create thoughtful, grounding and intuitive classes. She offers hands-on adjustments, pranayama and meditation as resources for the integration of one’s practice. Her desire to see her students explore and discover their own sense of resilience, compassion and gentleness.