Chris Gore, SOL 19 Yoga Teacher

Chris Gore

Yoga Teacher

Chris Gore is a Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher.

Chris was introduced to yoga when she took a mind, body, and spirit class in her undergrad. She fell in love with the concept of holistic living and it led her to dive into the world of yoga. She joined a local studio and it quickly became a place of growth, healing, and community for her. 

To Chris, yoga has always been about more than just the asana. She views it as a tool for self-awareness, presence, and peace. Using her background in physiology, Chris builds classes with anatomy and body awareness in mind, challenging her students physically as well as mentally. 

Chris is a 200 RYT and is currently working on her 300-hour certification at SOL 19. Yoga is a continuous and never-ending practice to discover our true selves, and Chris is extremely grateful to be a teacher and help others along their own path.

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