Experience the Magic of Breathwork and Meditation
at SOL 19 Longmont Yoga

SOL 19 Longmont Yoga's powerful breathwork and meditation offerings seek to provide a space to enhance clarity and release for our students.

Through seeking clarity, you may ask, "What have I been ruminating on lately? If I could ask the breath any question, what would I ask? If I can leave the session just a little bit lighter, what would I be willing to let go of?" More often than not, if we ask a question before the session, you may encounter a gentle knowing that you can trust, connecting to your own intuition.

Through seeking release, you may ask, "Am I ready to let go of old stories? Am I ready to put down baggage that I shouldn’t be carrying? " The breath has a knack for moving energy, creating space, and allowing things to release and process.

What kind of benefits can I expect from a consistent breathwork and meditation practice?

SOL 19 Breathwork and Meditation Offerings

At SOL 19 Yoga, we utilize consistent breath, focused on filling all the way up, and letting go at the top, while repeating over and over for the duration of the session. Check out our breathwork and meditation offerings below to see which sessions best suit your needs at this moment.

In our 60-minute Breath Classes, participants breathe for about 20 minutes, combining journaling, discussion, meditation, and sound healing during our time together.

Group breathwork classes are a powerful way to express what you need, work on vulnerability, and be seen and heard by your community. Sometimes, hearing what others are going through gives us the strength to carry on through our own challenges.

Join us for an opportunity to share in community discussion, breath exercises, and chakra meditation with a collective of women. Each class will start with a group discussion and an opportunity to share, or just listen, with your fellow community members. After setting an intention for our practice, we will ground and begin diving into breathwork.

Our breathing exercises will lead directly into a meditation and will finish with some seed mantras and chanting. There will be ample opportunity for the group to share takeaways from our session, moments of clarity, or anything else novel from your experience in the class.

This offering is meant to cultivate a deep connection of peace within yourself, and within your community.

Private breathwork classes are a great way to work on something a bit more personal.

In our Breath Ceremonies, we hold the space for 60 minutes of continuous breath, preparing for our journey with intention setting and ceremony, followed by landing and integration.​

Our classes are better suited for beginners, while the ceremonies are a great way to take your practice to the next level once you have a baseline. That being said, you can’t go wrong attending a ceremony for your first breath experience either. The breath always knows what we are ready for and where to take us during the session. If we can surrender expectations and trust the breath, practitioners can expect clarity and release during the session.

Meet your Guides

Matt Gasmovic

Matt has 100 hours of training in Hot & Rocket Vinyasa yoga and has completed 100 hours of training in Sedona, Arizona studying breathwork and other healing modalities with Anahata Ananda. While Matt has plans to teach yoga asana soon, he now leads a weekly breathwork and meditation class, as well as leading and facilitating shamanic breath ceremonies.

Matt also has a deep passion for the arts, which has led him to develop the creative side of SOL 19. This includes SOL 19's yearly art contest, facilitating art commissions through the studio, as well as hosting a weekly community art hour for local artists.

Tam Burke

In the expansive realm of feminine empowerment, Tam emerges as a guiding force, a passionate Women's Embodiment Coach dedicated to helping women reclaim and celebrate their innate feminine wisdom. With over three years of experience in leading transformative women's group coaching, Tam is a fierce advocate for the profound strength found within the sacred bond of sisterhood. Tam has a deep passion to guide women through the intricate journey of self-discovery, shedding layers of societal conditioning to reveal the authentic essence within. With a focus on shadow work, Tam invites women to bravely explore the depths of their true selves, liberating them from the constraints of societal expectations and allowing their genuine radiance to shine. Breathwork is a sacred practice and Tam has witnessed firsthand the profound impact it can have on women, facilitating a holistic healing experience that extends beyond the physical realm.

At the heart of Tam's mission is the belief that through breath, embodiment and sisterhood, women can reclaim their power, embracing their femininity with authenticity and strength. In the dance of empowerment and self-discovery, Tam stands as a compassionate guide, encouraging women to embrace their unique journey and rewrite the narrative of their lives.


"Matt’s 6-session one-on-one breathwork program is truly transformational. He is exceptional at leading breathwork ceremonies and meeting one-on-one added a personalized element that really accelerated my growth. Matt is an inspirational leader and this program would certainly be helpful for anyone looking to dig deep and make noticeable progress toward their goals."

Sean G.

"Working with Matt in one-on-one breathwork sessions was absolutely great. It was a personalized experience that helped me work through some difficult times, as well as helped me learn some valuable techniques for my well-being. I can’t recommend working with Matt highly enough."

Sean W.

"Working with Matt as a breath and masculinity coach has genuinely been one of the most valuable investments I've made in my journey of self-development. Joining forces with him felt like a natural and intuitive decision. I had the privilege of meeting him in person to do a group session and then decided to continue working privately online.

As a yoga teacher who travels frequently, I often find myself lacking a community of like-minded men for guidance and support. I've also often struggled to fully access and express my emotions, most of the time shutting down or downplaying my feelings. Working with Matt opened the doors to starting a different conversation with another male figure from a similar place and understand my challenges.

Embracing breathwork and exploring masculinity has provided me a beautiful avenue to explore more of myself and access more authentic aspects of my being. Coming into this space has enhanced my yoga practice and teaching and allowed me to shift more and more in how I choose to present myself and live my life.

Matt has been there every step of the way throughout this incredible journey. I've particularly appreciated the post-session homework assignments, which have allowed me to further integrate and expand upon the lessons learned during our sessions. I can't recommend it enough and can't wait to do more sessions in the future."

Miles M.

I am ready to begin my breathwork and
meditation journey

For Breathwork Ceremonies, Women's Breathwork, and Group Breathwork Classes only.

For One-on-One, Private, and Fire, Ice, and Breathwork Sessions only.