Christopher Brian

SOL 19 Yoga Teacher

Christopher teaches Hot Yoga.

Christopher has been a student of yoga since 2016 where he began his practice at Wild Lotus Yoga Studio in New Orleans. The Bhakti practices included singing, creative movement, art, poetry, service, loving-kindness meditations, and yoga as a universal inclusive practice that can bring restorative magic. This included a study of mythology, mantra, Joseph Campbell, and the vedas.

His 12-step practice and courses in Breathwork and Iyengar yoga landed him in Longmont where he began asana work at yoga teaching school, SOL 19. Here, he completed his YTT 200-hour in power vinyasa and 50-hour Yoga Teacher certification.

Yoga, asana, and pranayama are great ways to explore the mythos of ourselves. The poses tell us about the stories we tell ourselves.

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