Michelle Reyes

SOL 19 Yoga Teacher

Michelle teaches Hot Yoga.

Michelle found yoga in high school and initially spent time dabbling in the practice as a way to be a better volleyball player. She appreciated the intensity of heated classes and the sense of peace felt after each class. Life got busy and after a long hiatus, she found her way back to yoga as a way to cope with a mentally and emotionally turbulent period.

She “pre-tired” from a corporate career in 2023 and hopes to align her life’s work with values of compassion, empathy, and kindness. With her additional bandwidth, she joined the Bhakti team and completed her 200-hour teacher training as well as her 50-hour hot training.

Chronically Libra, Michelle is always trying to find the balance between the heavy, light, dark, and bright moments on and off the mat. She is a student as much as she is a teacher and wants her students to feel empowered and encouraged through each and every breath.

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