Rachel Zaring

Yoga Teacher

Rachel Zaring is a Power Vinyasa teacher.

Rachel, born and raised in Colorado, found the Asana of yoga calling to her in the Fall of 2020 as a way to heal her body and awaken the power of movement within her. Having never acted in a practice of exercise, she started with the inability to touch her toes and the idea that chaturanga was a wildly outrageous motion. Yet, she dreamed of yoga and woke up with a fire to keep practicing. A beautiful magic crept into her as she found Pranayama, and breath became her greatest medicine. As a gift from the universe, it was a year later she walked into SOL 19, a school of yoga, where she would continue to dedicate a corner of her life to learning about the flow of breath, movement, and spirituality. She believes the best way to continue to learn is to teach what you know to others. She completed her 200-hour YTT in the Summer of 2022 with SOL 19 and continues to be honored and humbled by the teachings of this practice. Rachel believes there are no limits to yoga, and in essence, there are no limits to the self. Rachel is grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn about this universal gift and to share the living spirit of yoga with others. 

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