Sherif’s Share: Face It, Embrace It, Erase It

As some of you know, I’m currently teaching an astrology class at Sol 19. The students are learning how the signs and the planets interact with each other. Certain placements create patterns of anxiety, worry, self-doubt, self-consciousness, etc. These feelings are not new to the person receiving a reading, and at the same time it […]

Sherif’s Share: Joseph Campbell and his concept of a Hero’s Journey

Have you heard of Joseph Campbell and his concept of a Hero’s Journey? Joe studied the various mythologies of the ancients and determined that they have a common theme. The hero usually starts out in a comfortable, secure home where everything is normal. He or she sets out on an adventure, which requires no small […]

Sherif’s Share: Have You Practiced Nonviolent Communication?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you, or someone else, get triggered and defensive…and you want to say something to make it better but instead it gets worse? I know I have. One of the best books on communication is Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. In it, he describes a very simple (but not […]

Did You Know We Have Private and Semi-Private Yoga Classes Available?

If you are interested in practicing at the studio but would like to limit your exposure to those you know, or just want some one-on-one yoga to grow, we are now offering private and semi private yoga classes! You tell us the date, time, class type, teacher perfercne and we will make it happen. You can […]

Our Yoga Studio Is Open!

Starting today, June 8th, we are VERY excited to re-open our studio on a limited basis. We will also continue to live stream a portion of our yoga classes to allow you to continue to practice at home! In studio class sizes will be limited so make sure to sign up in advance. And please […]