SOL 19 Mission and Invocation

May we embark on a healing journey together with the intention of moving towards our most authentic selves. May we be safe, trusting, and vulnerable in order to shed the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. May we call on divine guidance from our honorable ancestors, both brothers and sisters, so we know we are not alone on this path. We go forward, boldly and confidently, with the ultimate knowing that everything we need is already present within us. Let us acknowledge that we are more powerful and capable than we could ever imagine. 


Ganesh Gayatri Mantra

Om ekadantāya vidmahe 

vakratuṇḍāya dhīmahi

tanno dantī pracodayāt

Translation:  Om. We know the one-toothed god, We meditate on the god with the curved trunk. May that god who posses a tusk move me (towards knowledge).

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