New Students

Welcome to SOL 19 Yoga! Here's what you need to know to get started!

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1350 Ken Pratt Blvd. Longmont CO 80501

Register for class online or with our App in advance, or or arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class to register in person. Be sure to say it’s your first time and let the teacher know if you have any injuries he/she should know about!

Keep in mind that some class slots fill up quickly and students may be placed on a wait list. It is always best to sign up ahead if time if you can!


-A smile to share – you are going to feel amazing!

-Yoga mat

-Water and towel for sweat

-Extra clothes if you plan to change or shower after class

If you forget or don’t have a mat, we rent mats and towels for $3 each. Or a mat and towel rental combo for $5.

*First time students get a mat and towel rental on us. 

We also have boxed water & cold drinks for sale.

For yoga classes, wear comfortable clothes that stretches as you stretch. Clothes you can move in without them going over your face, because you will have your head below your heart in some poses. In case you’ve never been to a studio (we’re honored to be your first), you’ll be leaving your shoes and socks by the door before entering to studio.

Flexibility isn’t required to practice yoga. Resist the temptation to judge your body based on what someone else is doing. Yoga is a new way of moving your body and training your mind, so take it slowly and go easy on yourself. If you feel any discomfort, that’s your cue to back out of the pose and to try a modification or alternate posture that best serves your body.

Remember during your first class, it’s okay to feel incredibly awkward moving your body in ways you are not use to. Your mind might jump around and you may judge yourself or feel as though you are doing it wrong, but it’s all a process. Come back to your mat, smile, let go, laugh at yourself, and above all, have fun! Every teacher will be available for you privately before or after each class.

Lastly, we ask that students leave their cell phones with their other belongings during class. If it is imperative that a students has a phone in class (on call for work, emergencies etc.) we ask that phones are silenced.