The Spirit of SOL

MEet Our Guardian, Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, a pathmaker, a true embodiment of strength and fortitude. He is fearless and unwavering in his conviction to see his duties fulfilled. Ganeshaʼs attributes stem not just from motivation, confidence, or raw ability, but also from a deep and resolute trust in the divine forces with which he aligns. At SOL 19 we are also unyielding in our path, our commitment. To see ourselves and our community truly empowered in vision and action, capable of anything.

Ganesha loves the luxuries of earth, sweets, ornamentation, and all things artistic. Although he will indulge he does so as a reward for completion of his Dharma (duty, obligation). In addition, he has a softness, an approachable humanness which is the source of his lighthearted humor. These attributes are pillars of our studio and our approach to Yoga. We encourage love for life, art, connection, and laughter as further pathways to awakening. An integration of wisdom through inclusivity and an all-encompassing middle path.

The gifts of Ganesha can present themselves as good fortune or challenge. Although blessings are often our desire, adversity can be a powerful catalyst for self-knowledge and development. An opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and expand beyond illusory limitations. Hardship is overcome with courage, trust, and tenacity. Thus we grow, we strengthen and we further realize our unlimited potential. Among Ganeshaʼs many inspiring qualities with which we align this notion is one of the root beliefs of SOL 19 and why we chose him as our guardian. With Ganesha as our symbol we humbly and with deep reverence honor the rich history and lineages of Yoga as well as the ancient mythology of Hinduism.