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SOL 19 Longmont Yoga Studio offers a beautiful, calming sanctuary for your mind, body, and sol. Our daily yoga classes, healing breathwork and meditation journeys, yoga teacher trainings, and workshops are for all yoga students, new or advanced.

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For all students, including those who aren't interested in teaching yoga.
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Daily Yoga Classes and Workshops


Arts, Sanctuary, and Community

Voted the best Longmont Yoga Studio five years in a row!

SOL 19 Yoga is proud to be awarded the Longmont Time's Call "Best Longmont Yoga Studio" five years in a row. Last year, we were honored to be co-awarded the "Best Fitness Studio in the Denver Metro" by the Colorado Sun.

Read a selection of our over 210 stellar 5-star reviews written by our SOL community below to see what the hype is about.

"SOL 19 is a special place. The instructors are excellent, the studio is clean and welcoming and the variety of classes provides for a well-rounded experience. I also love that the range of yogis is diverse - young/older/new and experienced -all are welcomed and cared for during each class."

Kathi SD

"The only way to make sense of change, is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. That was me over a year ago adding a physicality to my spiritual practice a little over a year ago walking into SOL 19. Whether a seasoned yogi or newcomer, this space will welcome you into their vibrant community. The sangha thrives here, through the kindness and curiosity of their incredible and knowledgeable staff and leadership."

Christopher Brian

"Really great atmosphere at SOL 19. You are comfortable from the first day and the staff treats everyone as an individual. Real sense of family. The instructors really know their yoga and are more than willing to help you learn and grow in your practice."

Laura Ann Dresser

"SOL 19 is a phenomenal yoga studio. The teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, and above all, bring an enlightenment to my peace of mind. SOL 19 has to be the cleanest and most sanitized studio I have ever visited. After every class I walk away feeling renewed and afresh. I highly recommend SOL19 for so many reasons."

Linda Cochran

"SOL 19 is my go-to for yoga and recentering myself from our hectic world since I discovered the studio in 2019. The variety of classes, instructors and the kind and welcoming community makes it something more than just a place to do yoga. The instructors offer many options during each class to help you grow, tailor and meet yourself right where you need to be in each practice."


"SOL 19 is a wonderful studio for anyone looking to find community, kindness and support in growing their practice. After moving to Longmont two years ago, I struggled to find a place that had the type of yoga community that I left behind. I tried out a few places that didn’t quite click for me. But as soon as I took my first class here, I knew I had found my place."

Jess Garcia
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SOL 19's Mission

SOL 19 Yoga Studio is a sanctuary, a container for cultivation of individual and collective light which exists within all of us. Through breath, artistry, self-study, and engaging practice, we strive to humbly present the many and diverse limbs of Yoga. All in an effort to conjure deep healing, insight, nourishing strength and authentic connection.

We welcome all to share and experience the precious gift of unity through the practice of Yoga and uncover the luminous radiance that is our inherent nature.