Stacey Sharp, SOL 19 Yoga Teacher

Stacey Sharp

Yoga TEacher

Stacey is a Hot Yoga and Yoga Sculpt teacher.

Stacey’s journey with yoga started about 13 years ago, with the last 6 years truly solidifying yoga as an important part of life. Although it was the physical practice that first drew her in, Stacey quickly realized how incredibly powerful yoga can be in helping to work through emotional ‘stickiness’ as well. Yoga has helped her grow in countless ways as a human; pushing her to be better on and off her mat, and she hopes to bring this knowledge and enthusiasm to her classes. After being a member of the Bhakti team for a few years, she decided to take the hot training as a way to deepen her own hot practice. It was after that training she decided to pursue her 200-hour YTT as well as becoming certified in Yoga Sculpt. 

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