What Does SOL 19 Mean?

SOL: Sun, Light
Nineteen: Surrender

A generative force that fuels all living things. “Because you are light, you are always creating, and always transforming, and always evolving.” – Don Miguel Ruiz. Light provides information in order for us to perceive our surroundings as a reflection of divinity. The more aware of light we are, the more we become the truest reflection of our good selves.

The number nineteen is a combination of the properties of 1 and 9. 1 being symbolic of uniqueness, independence, and striving toward progress. New beginnings start with 1 and require the ambition and will power of devoted leaders. The number 9 carries energies of the universal spiritual laws: dharma, karma, intuition, problem-solving, and divine life purpose. It is also symbolic of endings, making 19 a number of endings leading to new beginnings.