Tearson Bickmore

Senior Teacher

Tearson Bickmore is a Hot Yoga teacher.

Tearson’s journey with yoga goes beyond the mat, evolving into a true life's passion. With a knack for blending breath, fitness, and humor, Tearson crafts classes that are not only physically invigorating but also infused with a touch of lightheartedness.

Over two decades ago, a running-related injury steered Tearson toward yoga at the recommendation of a wise doctor. Intrigued and armed with a dash of curiosity (and a bit of Madonna-inspired research), she stumbled into a led Ashtanga class—a decision that would forever alter the course of her life.

From the purely physical origins, Tearson's yoga journey has delved into the depths of self-discovery, exploring facets from proprioception to interoception and beyond. A lover of all things fitness, she brings a unique blend of strength, alignment, and silliness to her classes, encouraging students to deepen their understanding of themselves.

Beyond the yoga studio, Tearson wears multiple hats—a runner, cyclist, gym enthusiast, and a bit of a wannabe boxer. Certified not only in yoga but also as a personal training and weight loss coach, she embodies a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Tearson has been fortunate to study from some of the best of the best yoga teachers including Gioconda Parker, Christina Sell, Noah Mazé, Douglas Brooks, Gina Caputo, and Annie Carpenter.

When not on the mat or hitting the gym, she finds joy in hanging with family and showering love on her three adorable dogs.

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