Jojo Hart

Yoga Teacher

Jojo is a Hot Yoga teacher

Jojo was introduced to yoga in 2008 while attending University in Minnesota. Born and raised in central Africa, heated vinyasa and hot yoga were a sanctuary from the cold, dry weather. Jojo quickly fell in love with the physical practice but was most blown away by the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga – its magical ability to inspire a lasting sense of inner peace and joy. Since then yoga has given Jojo the strength and clarity to sail through turbulent times and been the medicine she needs to heal mental, physical, or spiritual wounds. 

Jojo has a deep love for nature, adventure, food, and music. Whether as a mother, a teacher, a nurse, or a yoga instructor, Jojo is passionate about connecting with others. In her classes, Jojo hopes to cultivate a balance between physical challenge, breath, and meditation. She believes in the transformative practice of yoga and wants to continue to grow and change as she guides others to do the same.