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Voted the Best Longmont Yoga Studio five years in a row, SOL 19 Yoga provides a beautiful, calming sanctuary for your mind, body, and sol. Our daily yoga classes, healing meditation and breath work journeys, yoga teacher trainings, and workshops are for all yogis, new or advanced.

SOL 19 Breathwork Class Offerings

At SOL 19, we utilize a consistent breath, focused on filling all the way up, and letting go at the top,
while repeating over and over for the duration of the session. In our 60-minute Breath Classes, participants breathe for about 20 minutes, combining journaling, discussion, meditation, and sound healing during our time together. In our Breath Ceremonies, we hold the space for 60 minutes of continuous breath, preparing for our journey with intention setting and ceremony, followed by landing and integration.

Private classes are a great way to work on something a bit more personal while the group classes are a powerful way to express what you need, work on vulnerability, and be seen and
heard by your community. Sometimes, hearing what others are going through gives us the
strength to carry on through our own challenges.

Our classes are better suited for beginners, while the ceremonies are a great way to take your practice to the next level once you have a baseline. That being said, you can’t go wrong attending a ceremony for
your first breath experience either. The breath always knows what we are ready for and where to take us during the session. If we can surrender expectations and trust the breath, practitioners can expect clarity and release during the session.

All Levels Yoga Flows

  • 6 sessions over 12 weeks (5 Breath Classes, 1 Breath Ceremony – Option to Incorporate Fire Ice and Breathwork as a session if you are local)
  • Journal prompts before sessions and homework assignments in between meetings tailored to what you are working on evolving/moving through
  • Support in between sessions as you need it
  • Together, we will work to pull back the layers to reveal more of your true, authentic self

Group Breathwork Classes

Hot Yoga

Breathwork Ceremonies

Fire Ice and Breathwork

Breathwork's Magical Benefits

Meet your Breathwork Guide

Matt Gasmovic

With a background in business and over 7 years of experience in corporate software sales, Matt recently crossed over into the dark side when he and Tam took over the studio in 2018 🙂

Matt now has 100 hours of training in Hot & Rocket Vinyasa yoga and has completed 100 hours of training in Sedona, Arizona studying breathwork and other healing modalities with Anahata Ananda. While Matt has plans to teach yoga asana soon, he now leads a weekly breathwork and meditation class, as well as leading and facilitating shamanic breath ceremonies.

Matt also has a deep passion for the arts, which has led him to develop the creative side of SOL 19. This includes SOL’s yearly art contest, facilitating art commissions through the studio, as well as hosting a weekly community art hour for local artists.

Matt is now offering one-on-one guided breath journeys and healing sessions.

I'm ready to begin my breathwork journey