Anna Rosenstengel

Yoga Teacher

Anna is an All Levels Yoga, Hot Yoga, Rocket Yoga, and Yin Yoga teacher

Anna, a St. Louis-area native, found yoga in high school and has since been practicing nearly every day. She initially came for the physical practice after growing up playing tennis and running. However, she quickly realized that yoga is so much more than the poses. Anna became hooked on her sense of mental clarity and serenity after a yoga class. In 2018, Anna moved to Colorado to study Psychology at CU Boulder. She found her home away from home at SOL 19. In 2019, she graduated from SOL 19’s 200-Hour Training and currently plans to continue in the 300-Hour Program.

Additionally, she has learned Rocket and Hot Yoga styles. Anna loves yoga for the mental clarity, healing, and physical strength it brings to her life. Her intention is to empower her students to live their yoga on and off the mat.