As some of you know, I’m currently teaching an astrology class at Sol 19. The students are learning how the signs and the planets interact with each other. Certain placements create patterns of anxiety, worry, self-doubt, self-consciousness, etc. These feelings are not new to the person receiving a reading, and at the same time it is quite validating to hear that they have these patterns. It means there is “nothing wrong” with them – they are meant to have these feelings. By identifying where these feelings come from, it becomes easier to transcend them.

I’d like to share a tool we use with you. When a certain feeling arises that doesn’t feel good (anxiety, worry, stress, etc.), you can get out of that feeling by observing it. You observe it by realizing ‘I am feeling _____ because of the karmic patterns I came in with in this lifetime.’ This first step is critical and takes lots of practice. The more you build this muscle, the faster you are able to recognize and witness the feeling. This helps because as soon as you are observing that feeling, you are on your way out of it.

Next, you face that feeling and embrace it. ‘Anxiety, I see you.’ Or, ‘Fear, I see you’, etc. You do not want to ignore the feeling or let it fester. Feelings are meant to be felt so they can be released. And finally, you erase it by letting it go. Once the feeling is felt, and you don’t ignore it and you don’t obsess over it, it passes through your body. 

Here is an example to clarify. Let’s say someone pulls in front of you on the road and you have a patterning that creates anger rising up in your chest. For many, that anger can last the entire day. If, however, you are able to think ‘I feel angry because of certain karmic patterns that I have’, then you are already on your way out of the anger because you are observing it. It will pass through you quickly and not affect you as much.

The nice thing about dealing with negative feelings in this way is that it allows you to shed the karma rather than reinforce the karma. It creates equanimity. Try it out and let me know if you have questions!



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