Imagine you lived by this principle: all communication is either an expression of love, or a cry for help. That means that unless the person you are speaking to is making you feel loved, they are experiencing life in some way that is causing them to put up their guard. They are feeling separation from Wholeness and their underlying, hidden message is a cry for help.
Another way to look at it is that all interactions are either an expression of love, or a call for love. Yes, it is certainly a high state to watch or listen to someone who rubs you the wrong way or who totally conflicts with your world view and think of them as needing love. That’s why living the spiritual path is a practice. And, this is not an intellectual concept… it is an energetic concept. By holding love in your heart towards this person, the chances of them calming down or at least not affecting you are dramatically increased. Because underneath it all we are connected at some level. Thus, loving the outside world in all its forms is loving yourself.
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