Have you heard of Joseph Campbell and his concept of a Hero’s Journey? Joe studied the various mythologies of the ancients and determined that they have a common theme. The hero usually starts out in a comfortable, secure home where everything is normal. He or she sets out on an adventure, which requires no small amount of courage to begin. Along the way unforeseen obstacles, challenges, delays, and pressures occur. The hero has to dig deep, grow, and overcome these challenges. Finally, the hero returns, hobbit-style, to their comfortable home – after becoming a much higher version of themselves then they were at the outset.
In Pat Solomon’s documentary Finding Joe, luminaries like Deepak Chopra and Brian Johnson are interviewed about the modern hero’s journey, and how it resembles a spiral instead of a circle… because the challenges never stop and the hero continues to evolve and become as the story unfolds.
We’ve all had a hero’s journey during the last couple of months, haven’t we? Are you aware of your journey, and welcoming the struggles as much as the victories? Or have you given in to ‘dear me, the world sucks’-syndrome? Are you a victim or a victor?
Life is not always roses. There are ups and downs, starts and stops. How you handle that journey determines the level of joy and fulfillment you get. Because someday, all of our journeys will end. When you look back at your life, wouldn’t it be great to realize you enjoyed the ride, rather than stress about it and be your own worst enemy?
Where are you on your hero’s journey? Are you able to recognize that the struggles you are facing are part of your story and are required for you to become the person you are meant to become? What will your attitude be today, tomorrow, and every day after that as you turn the page of your story and live the adventure you are meant to live?


Sherif Sakr teaches classes and workshops at Sol 19, and gives Vedic astrology readings. He has an executive coaching practice and lives in Longmont with his dear wife.

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